Most of the time when America’s voting public doesn’t deserve someone as President, at least they know her or his name. Sometimes, though, they didn’t even get a chance to meet the guy before turning out for the closest electable corporate centrist or basthit crazy loon. Not in this case, though. Weep for America—its electorate never even got to meet a ridiculously accomplished candidate with actual positions on actual subjects before voting for someone else because they’d rather have a beer with them.

(I’m not even saying that he would have won, or that he would have made a good president. But for God’s sake, the man literally knows everything; at least let him participate in the debates.)

ETA: When he announced he was running, my first thoughts were, “Good God, why?” followed by, “This man will never receive a single vote.” Still, it’s depressing that he couldn’t get an invitation to the debates, while a guy who’s most well-known for being an occasionally-bankrupt TV bigot, an extra from the Duggar show, and whatever the hell Lincoln Chaffee is could.

EETA: And yes, “I’ll fix the one biggest problem in American politics and then quit” was a wildly silly thing to pledge. So, in the spirit of acknowledging that, I will say that I will accept him not being allowed onstage for the debates if he can be considered for one of the next couple of Supreme Court openings.