Burner accounts are the not-even-half-baked solution to offering whistleblowers and other insiders a completely anonymous avenue to comment. That hasn’t happened yet - and presumably, anyone offering sensitive info would opt to contact Gawker through other means, like using the PGP keys that are listed for each writer, which seems to actually take place.

Of course, the cost of that system - which (correct me if I’m wrong?) does not track IP addresses - is that Gawker has absolutely zero recourse in preventing assholes from littering the site with hate speech, harassment, and the most horrific pictures they can find.

Obviously, there is little in place to deal with known trolls: comments that are flagged will stay up for hours, if not days, if not in perpetuity, and a committed shitheel can fuck with the community for days before the banhammer potentially comes down. But all they have to do is create an identical account to the point where there are assclowns on version 10+ of their trolling campaign.

Does this make sense to anyone? The bankruptcy may well end up saving Gawker by getting it out from under Denton’s clownshoes ownership.