She is now speaking up in court. IN COURT. Out loud! The judge asked who the hell she was. But it gets worse.

Coworker and wife brought in their lovely 10-week-old baby today. He had Band-Aids on his legs because he had vaccinations yesterday. You know where this is going, right? She brought up autism and why there are so many cases now. In front of brand new parents and the rest of the office.

This could end up being another thing I get blamed for - not getting along with people, etc. - if I don't handle it right, but she can't be here. She won't follow directions, namely, to be quiet. It is completely amazing that something could make this job more stressful, but this bitch has done it.

Oh wait, I was writing this post and she just came in to lecture me. And shushed me. So I flipped the f(#*%$ out and told her to leave my office.