And it made my horror-obsessed little heart swell with joy. It's amazing how scary doors creaking open of their own volition can be, if done well. And I love that it's kicking the ass of big, expensive summer blockbusters. SUCK A DEMON DICK, JOHNNY DEPP, YOU PAINTED RED ASSHOLE.

ETA: Also, whenever I watch haunted house movies, it occurs to me that if I lived in a place that was haunted or possessed by a demon, eventually, I think I'd just get fed the fuck up. I always imagine that I'd hit a point where I'd stop being afraid of the slamming doors, the nightly tuggings on my feet or bad smells, and end up standing in the middle of the house, screeching, "COME AT ME, BRO!"

Don't you think if you were constantly haunted by something, you'd eventually just feel like, "Either kill me or shut the hell up and let me watch reality TV in peace, you incorporeal pile of cockcheese!"