Backyard chickens dumped at shelters when hipsters can't cope, critics say…

For some reason, this makes me laugh. It is a great headline, but the article itself was pretty informative, and a great example of not thinking things through.

For those of us that grew up rural, it is hard to muster up much nostalgia for chickens. With the exception of pig, there is nothing that smells worse then chicken shit. Pigs make up for it with personality, sometimes.

One of the perpetual "up-and coming" neighborhoods we lived in here in Chicago had a sizable West Indian population. Every now and then, we would stumble across the remains of a rooster on a beach that had met a violent end in what we assumed was a Santeria ritual. One of those great things to explain to a four year old, along with why we always check the bottom of the slide for used syringes, and we don't play at the playground that was within view of the halfway home for sex offenders. (I blamed the city for this. The perverts were there first, and the city had a myriad of other places to put the newly built playground in the lakefront park)


One day, in mid-spring, we were awoken by a rooster's crow. And another. And another. Apparently, a dozen or so had made a spring for freedom from whatever late-night fate had awaited them. For a week, animal control would be out trying to catch them. Meanwhile, the roosters were making life a living hell for the joggers and others that would use the park.

I now envision a county full of urban free range chickens, roaming the streets, clogging traffic. I also forsee an uptick in business for the local halal butchers.