To borrow a very useful construction from Bill Maher, here's a new rule: if your job title includes (or can be reasonably interpreted as including) the phrase "self-appointed," your job is bullshit. Like, to pull an example completely out of thin air for no particular reason, "self-appointed textbook review committee."

What is it this time? Being too mean to slaveholders? Suggesting that the genocide against Native Americans was anything worse than an unfortunate, but necessary side-effect of Manifest Destiny? Take it away, self-appointed tenured home scholars:

Noel and several other members of the regional ACT! group decided to look at what 10th graders were learning about religion in Charlotte County classrooms, they were shocked by what they found inside.

Things like, one textbook referencing Jesus as a teacher or rabbi rather than the Messiah.

I'll give them credit for achieving their evangelical goals, because reading the story did, in fact, make me call upon the name of their lord and savior.


ETA: The new title—which I'm not terribly crazy about—is a replacement for "Florida, Everybody, Let's Give It a Hand," which seemed a bit unfair, as I'm sure that a good 15, 20 of the state's residents are as embarrassed by this discussion as the rest of us.