I have enjoyed many debates about food since I have got back in the food game. Some ranging from the perverted term sandwich, to what tradional fair for a dish is.

The argument for tradion is the ultimate enemy of creativity, when making food. It is fascist, unproductive, and will get you no where fast. In an industry that has to serve everyone, from sophistacated palates, to your average joe, looking for a quick bite.

My roots in cooking are deep in Itialian style cooking, with French principles. Cultural appropriation of food is perfectly acceptable. The caveat being dont suck.

I do however loathe people that claim things have to be done a certain way. To claim any food as culturally unique is both idiotic, close minded, and leaves no room for future generations to grow.

I am not saying classics will not always be classics, I am saying you might just have closed a door that didn’t ever need to be closed.