It’s here. I’m leaving for France on Sunday afternoon. I’m all ready to go, all I have to do is pack and make some calls. But I have a funny story.

I went to a fancy hair place yesterday, to turn my “work from home/I give up” hair into “classy lady travelling to France” hair. As it happens, I came away with “1988 hair band blonde” hair.

At least my outfits will be cute. I was smart and bought all solid colors in classic shapes, so everyone will DEFINITELY notice the hair. Imagine Skid Row dressed in crisp white pants and powder blue tops.

I’m also apparently the designated extrovert, which is bound to have some hilarious results. Maybe now that I’m a blonde, that will be easier. Blondes have better luck making a bunch of shy developers talk to each other, isn’t that how the quote goes?

One more thing, I got my first-ever pedicure, and why didn’t you all tell me how wonderful that is.

Taking all thoughts and prayers to prevent accidentally causing an international incident. Also interviewing base players for my upcoming Europe cover band.