My friends have a friend, which being that I have met him could make me his friend. However, we are not friends because he is an idiot. Here's one example why.

He just recently bought the Blu-Ray for the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The Fincher version. Just today. He then posts a picture of the inside of the packaging with this:

"Seriously Walmart?! Someone stole the Blu-ray, replaced it with a burned DVD!"

Yeah dude. That's what happened. Someone stole ONE of the Blu-Rays, put in a burned copy, re-wrapped it, and put it on the shelf like a diabolical fucking criminal mastermind for someone else to buy. You missed the hidden cameras for an invisible prank show that were waiting for you outside of that giganto-store you give your business.

I then pointed out that's the way it should be with a link to a picture. His response:

Hahahaha. Wow I feel stupid! So misleading....

No! No it isn't! It isn't misleading at all!

UPDATE: He read my message about the packaging on the way to return it. He is now turning around.