I have always hated Joshua Jackson. ICN is the worst name in gawker history, deadly eternal couldn’t Jack off to a porno starring himself Brother Parish would be the bottom to a Kardashian orgy, Dr. Teeth would be the worst blow job you ever had. Shut up, should shut up, Jenn is actually a ghoul, the river Charley is the Carl of rivers, Xylo is a homicidal feminazi, Quantum suicide is actually a circus de solie acrobat, Nilla waffler never came with syrup, we still don’t have boob lasers thanks to foof, Omar is now actually gone, America was never real.Where the fuck is my grog, you guise never shut up (shut up using you twice) and who the fuck let the Gideon’s into every hotel room. The only way my life could be complete at this point is if I robbed an NYC apartment of the 2 cases of ramen while listening to funk, in a pair of comfortable Jammie’s.

You all should know though, I make okay beans.

Sugarhill is Satan’s little helper.