No, dude, fuck you.

Don't get me wrong, I could not care any fucking less about Green Day. What I do care about is lumping in Jawbreaker, almost as some fucking aside, apropos of absolutely nothing else in your piece, with a band like Green Day.

I mean, hey, you want to add some bona fides to your shitty column about a shitty band โ€” because of course fuck Green Day, there's not even a fucking argument to be made about it, that's just something you say to yourself when you're walking down the street after you watched High Fidelity again, "fuck Green Day, dude, stupid goddamn band" โ€” because you don't know anything about the genre beyond The Ramones and The Clash, which, by the way are the exact bands my idiot fucking mom would throw out there were you to ask her "What is punk?" you should at least have some idea, aesthetically, thematically and most especially historically speaking, of the two bands which you have decided to compare.

In 1993, Nirvana went on tour with the kinda sorta not really punk band Jawbreaker. The following year, the same year Dookie came out, Jawbreaker released 24-Hour Revenge Therapy.

Green Day and Jawbreaker went on to be cultural lodestones for future waves of pop punk and emo, regularly riffing off each other's successes.

For the record, Jawbreaker released exactly one album after 24-Hour Revenge Therapy, called Dear You, and it fucking sucked and they broke up. Why did they break up? Major label stresses (the indie success of 24-Hour resulted in a record deal with DGC) and backlash from their core constituency concerning the fucking suckiness of Dear You.

You low-hanging, shit-eating donkey.

Let's cleanse our palates, shall we?