Looks like I'll be taking my previous employer to court over a £6k debt they owe me from September. I sent the last email tonight that will proceed legal action should it not arrive by Friday. That aside and not that 'that' is related to 'this' only they both concern money.

This Friday gone was Children In Need day. Whereby celebrities with vast amounts of wealth travel to impoverished nations to make films asking us to donate money. Not that I remotely have any problem digging my hand in my pocket, in fact there are certain donation buckets I won't walk past without giving something. It's just the screaming incongruity of it all. Maybe they do give something off camera and I suppose it's fame in the name of a good cause, but still.

For instance Radio 2 where auctioning off the chance to drive a selection of rare Ferraris over a long weekend. The lowest winning bid was over £60k before I switched over stations. Fuck, who has that sort of spare cash kicking around for a rainy day that couldn't be better spent? Also shortly before I switched over was the news. Where they reported a new attempt at a land speed record with a car costing £35m. How many bellies would that fill, who many bore holes would that drill?

Fucking money and the arseholes that have it all.