I have watched both documentaries, twice. I dont prefer either. Netflix was more visually appealing. Makes sense cuz all those dudes from Jerry Media produced it. Hulu did a good job of tying into the bigger issue of millenial nonsense and white privilege (well almost).

But neither really addressed the culpability of the influencers, Ja Rule, and Jerry Media. It felt like they just washed their hands of it. And neither got to the heart of the matter that Bahamians suffered the most. Ok so Netflix had a 2 minute interview with Maryann Rolle who spent $50k of her savings to pay her workers.

There should gave been the tie in between white entrepreneurship and its impact on Black labor. Fyre festival is the modern example of colonization. 

And there should have been more schadenfreude. Would have loved to see more kids crying.


I wish that dude didnt admit he was fully prepared to suck dick.

And that other ex-Jerry dude saying fuck you guys is my 2019 motto.