Man, kinda a bummer episode, but lots to parse like usual.

1. Euron Greyjoy is a giant tool. Trusting Cersi is the stupidest thing you could ever do.

2. Sansa brought out her leadership side, and I loved it. I hate the feeling like she is going to let herself get seduced by little finger.

3.Bran suddenly acting all wise and shit was totally douchey. He could just explain it, but no, he went about it in a craptastic way.

4. I didn’t see Jon and Dany hitting it off that rough, which I felt was odd because they had both extended way more courtesy to undeserving characters before.


5. I get that Varys threatened Melisandre, but I didn’t get what she said back to him about not being able to die at home.

6. Cersi and Jaime just gonna let it all hang out now huh?! Jaimes face is the gif of the episode. You always going to be a sister fucker Jaime.


7.Farewell Olenna Tyrell. She was a wonderful character, and always had you rooting for her house even when they were allieng themselves with the Lannisters. She totally deserved the last laugh.

8. Theon Greyjoy ripped the coward of the show crown off Sam’s head. They have surpassed the books on making his story line unbearable.


9.One thing that bothered me was, in the books the Bravosi are anti slavery, like hardcore. So when Cersi said the slave trade hurt them it kinda bothered me.