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This episode was all about children and innocence lost. The point was rammed straight home at the end by Patchface's song as sung by Shireen, a funny little ditty with dark, dark overtones. Even the scene with The Kingslayer during his bathtime confession at Harrenhall is about being forced to abandon his values as a man of the Kings Guard. Arya loses her last friend, Gendry, to the Brotherhood. Shireen almost loses the Onion Knight, though she comes to the dungeon to teach him how to read. (And what a lovely little nugget of a performance! This is what you get when you see the tv show as opposed to reading the book. Shireen is a little bit more nuanced in this version, and I appreciate it.) Sansa is about to be married off to Tyrion, though she doesn't yet know it. And the little Lannister boys, Martin and Willem, lose more than their innocence.

Is there anyone in the story whose innocence is preserved? The Hound. He gets to escape after proving himself through trial by fire. "Looks like the god likes me more than your butcher's boy." 2 minutes