So, it’s still an up hill battle in the game of thrones. I am just going to break it down to a few simple thoughts.

1. Congrats on Grey worm for getting the hardest core cunnilingus scene to hit the small screen.

2.The jorah surgery scene editing to Aryas was probably the nastiest part of the episode.

3.Petyr Baelish AKA little finger, has no goddamned business being alive, and is for sure going to get Sansa or Briean killed.

4. Theon lost balls ontop of the balls he already lost. He is beyond worthless, he should just die already.

5.Honestly kinda happy the sand snakes died. Their acting has been painfully bad to watch.


6.It broke my heart when Nymeria walked away from Arya. Plot wise, it showed she needs to go back to being herself a bit.

Also, what the hell is up?! You guys can find me on twitter if you like, I have kinda resigned myself to lurker status. Clash on motherfuckers.