I don’t think it would be an overstatement to say that I’m mourning the loss of Gawker. Unlike most of you, I don’t harken back to the golden days. That’s not a knock. I don’t begrudge people what they like. But I’m far less interested in celebrity gossip than the more recent iteration of Gawker. For me, Gawker was a Progressive force that could be silly, serious, nonsensical, absurd, insightful, hard-hitting...well, you know. There have been enough obituaries.

But what I’ll miss most of all is the comments. Hanging out and chatting with you people in the comment sections of the Gawker posts was, sadly, the closest thing to a social life that I have. Had. As it is, I’m a pretty anti-social person. In fact, if I cared to follow through professionally, I believe I would be diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder. Part of the reason why I hate people and refuse to interact with them is the existence of awful, terrible people and the fact that they don’t wear warning labels. On Gawker, it’s easier. If you’re here, chances are (although it’s obviously not universal), you’re a socially progressive intelligent and funny person with whom I would love to have a beer, if I had any idea who or where you were.

Anyways, I was watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and it dawned on me...that show is the Gawker comment section. Smart, progressive, but not afraid to go after the left. Profane, when necessary, but not gratuitously. Incredibly well-researched and with a comedic timing to make any SCTV grad jealous. Extremely pop-culture literate, but still self-aware, and not in a pretentious way. This is what I’m going to miss the most.

I have some insane hope that we’re all going to gather somewhere. I’d love for that place to be here. But tell me, how do you remember the Gawker comment section? How will you look back on Gawker? And where the fuck do we go now?