I personally DID say this, but gawker fucking sucks. Here is why. This, sandwhiched between this, makes no fucking sense, and then oh I forgot to mention we have defamer taking a giant shit on reporting between no actual reporting being done. Gawker is not a stand alone project, it just feeds off of the subsites with real content anymore.

why don’t we just change gawkers name to Defamer? It is full of chewed up shit that a beat up junk yard dog wouldn’t eat. We got only a handful of people that write real news and the rest of them sound kinda like this.

“Pussy posse sited on mothers day with only 3 members in tow having tea.”. It is unknown whether pussy posse has broke up.”. “It looks like pussy posse enjoyed tea”

If this is even tabloid news shoot me in the fucking face, I am done. Hamno, enjoy your vacation. You are missed.