Some Sunday reading for y'all. That post on the mainpage about rich kids linked to a post of Max's from waaaaay back in 2011 about the NYT Style section. I was surprised to see myself in there (bitchass kinja won't let me link directly but if you open the post it's right there, the top thread) but more surprised to see one of our former pals messing around in there with me.

Remember AssembledWrong? He never really found his way back after all the crap AJ pulled. He was one of my nearest and dearest but right around the AJpocalyse we lost touch for a while, he got a job and I was licking my wounds and when I emailed him a year ago I never heard back. Miss him! :(

To newer peeps, AW was a young (early 20s) ginger gay man living in Detroit and attending art school there. He aspired to be a writer and he most certainly had a gift. His "kinja" is definitely worth a browse even if you don't click on the posts. Unfortunately all the Crosstalk stuff is gone now, but even in his mainpage comments he was always on so clever and on point.

Some of you will remember his Howard Cosell commentary on Brian's banhammer posts as highlights. I found this, this, and this, which seems to be his final effort.

Final note, I did an image search to get an image of his avatar to include in this post and learned that little closeup of sad Kermit comes from a larger image of Kermit dissecting a frog. Poignant combo with his original username, (which as you can see he later changed to AssembledOkay). Like many of us he had his personal struggles that he mostly didn't talk about on here. I hope he's ok!


BONUS LINK: As part of my spelunking expedition I happened across the legendary Dwayne McGinnty banhammer post and I was reading it and cackling to myself at all of Dwayne's alts wreaking havoc in the comments. Oh Cotter Martin! Oh Petticoat Phunkshun!

(In case you haven't guessed it by now I'm in total insomniac mode. Pre-Easter jitters I suppose.)