We can add this to Omar's earlier post re: archaic insults. Someone told me to "get bent" on Gawker main today. It was really a very simple conversation prior to that. Someone asked a question re: how many charges the SEC had brought as a result of the financial collapse, I answered with a purely factual response free of value judgement, both citing sources and clarifying that I wasn't necessarily saying enough was done, rather just clearing up the misconception that no action had been taken. And then I was told to get bent.

Now, even if it's horribly articulated, I'll countenance any reasonable counterpoint. But when you throw a pointless insult in the mix (even a laughably antiquated one) I will either dismiss or eviscerate you. I chose the latter option today. I think the heat has finally got to me.

My two pet peeves are completely missing the point/context of a comment (i.e., total reading comprehension fail) and insults (either personal, or leveled against an entire group of people.) What makes you head for the dismiss button? Or write disproportionately lengthy take downs (or is that just my jam)?