I've worked at this joint for a couple of months. The chef/owner is psychotic in that typical owner/chef way, but with a dash of "My business is failing so I micromanage everything," thrown in to spice things up.

There were significant problems with the restaurant, and most of them came from the bar. The bar manager was... well. She was trashy. Sorry 'bout it. It was like she learned to tend bar at an Applebee's 15 years ago and never bothered to learn anything about industry trends since. All of the wines were terrible. The glassware was unfortunate. Like, super tacky martini glasses and dive-bar rocks glasses. Her "collins" glasses were 14 ounces. I'm pretty sure they were actually just decorative candle holders from IKEA. Also, there was no drink menu during brunch/lunch service.

The owner and I worked together, alone, Wed/Thur during brunch service. It was the most awkward shit. She haaaaated me. We worked in silence, aside from her random bitching about nothing. Ultimately, I think she got fed up with my back talk. She'd constantly contradict herself. "Put A over by B. Why are you putting A over by C?" "Because that's what you told me to do yesterday."

Yesterday she tried to argue that a customer always ordered their burger medium rare, which was true, except they had decided to up to medium because the last few times the burger was waaaay too rare. She made a huge deal out if it, made me go back to the table to double check. So I told her, bluntly, why the customer changed their order and that the last two times they basically ate none of their gross raw burger. But they were too polite to ask for a refire.

When I went to lock the door on this abortion of a shift, she came storming out from the back. The clock in the back is five minutes slow, so I was supposed to have waited an extra five minutes to close. I showed her that the three clocks I could see all read 2pm. She looked at me like she wanted to punch me in the face. Lady. You think someone is going to come in during the next five minutes and magically make your business not fail? Please.

It feels nice that all my coworkers were shocked that I was let go. They were an awesome group of broads (there's a whole other story about the weird lesbian politics in that place) and I will miss the shit out of them.


Anyways. A cute boy is on his way with sandwiches. More like sad-wiches.