And who knows who all else, are suddenly rumored to be playing a free festival type of show on a stage a block from my house. On Haight St. What could possibly go wrong?

I bring this to your attention instead of my more immediate circle because I sincerely believe peeps are doing this on the sneak tip to one degree or another, but they're all good enough folks in my experience so I don't want to blow up the spot. This is going down September 7. The only promotional shit out for the event make it look and sound it's some typical family-friendly street fair deal. They have a map, complete with two children's areas and a book bus. But through the grapevine, Ghostface is supposedly the headliner.

Why would a lineup like that still be totally on the under less than two weeks before the show? I have to assume it's related to what a complete shit show Haight St. is on 4/20 and Bay To Breakers, and until they cracked down on it hard, the Haight St. Fair. 4/20 was too much two years ago, they cracked down on that this past year too, and there were still shots fired in GGP. Myself, my bosses, and everybody on the street who I talk to are over all the mob scene events on the street, and it's seemed as if the cops are finally of a similar mind as well.

And now we have this. Sounds like it's going to be free, just on the street with people coming and going, no security until after whatever happens, happens. I'll be busy watching the Raiders and Cowboys racking up big wins, might not even venture outside. Or I might just sit on my roof and wait for the riot to start so I can call the boys at work and tell them to drop the fucking security gate.