Don’t let the face and innocent nature fool you. This chick is the absolute worst. And I’m sick today so I got time to tell y’all about her.

I know y’all hate Paulie but.....he was right about her. Now when she was saying that Paulie made her uncomfortable I knew that was her right and as a feminist I tried to see it from her side. However I always said to myself that she was clearly over exaggerating the truth. Now flip to yesterday I think it was and now that she hates Paul and wants him out all the sudden the things that Paulie said that she would let Paul do to her and that she said she was okay with are suddenly not ok to her and make her “uncomfortable”.

I can’t sit by and watch her play this game this way I finally figured it out she did this with Victor, Paulie, and now Paul. I am sick because she thinks it’s okay to do this. By the way search people on Twitter with all the receipts on her flirting with Paulie hardcore all summer including one the day before she got pissed off of her saying that he’s her future husband to Bridgette. She also told people in the house that P had always made her and Bronte uncomfortable. Bold-faced lies! Lies and deception!

Not only did he not make them uncomfortable they talked regularly about how hot he was to them. Bronte couldn’t stand to see him and Z together because she said that should have been her and told James and Natalie that she was going to tell P that she was in love with him once they got off the show. Natalie even said she loved that he was going to be close to her after the show and that Bronte was going to be jealous.

Also since she’s become HOH she’s been insufferable always bragging and just generally pissing me off. And she still can’t keep Zakiyah’s name out of her mouth. Now live feeders of course know that Z and P had sex but casuals don’t really know that fact. Well if they didn’t they do now because on BBAD Paul told Natalie that Corey said she was sucking James(dick) to the top.(not even sure if Corey actually said this or if Paul was trying to make her feel bad for nominating him). Well this bitch Natalie decides to bring Z into it and says I’m not Z I didn’t suck dick on national television.............then proceeds to let the fans know that Z had sex with Paulie and then says sorry America.... How about sorry to Z you pathetic pos.


One last thing she has been saying racially insensitive things to James. He literally had to tell her that America might see this one thing she does as racist.