Here. This is a smart piece, smart about both television and feminism. I like Bobby Finger’s writing.

Like this intro:

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is the talk show equivalent of hanging out in your rich, cousin’s game room; he’s nice, boring, and you don’t talk about anything serious or memorable—but there’s air hockey, a pool table, and an N64.

And though your time there is mostly harmless fun, there’s always something a little off about the experience. For your cousin, it’s when he screams at the dog. For Fallon, it’s when he assumes the identity of a teenage girl named Sara and starts screaming, “Ew!”

(That “rich cousin screams at the dog” is nicely observed, isn’t it?)

Thanks also for reminding us about SNL’s “Wake Up Wakefield” sketches, with Maya Rudolph as “Megan” and Rachel Dratch as “Sheldon.” I’d forgotten how sweet and funny they were.