A total of 44 Gizmodo Media Group employees took the buyout, so no layoffs are needed for now.

Pareene became famous in his most recent GMG stint for his “I may not bother to vote” post about the 2016 presidential election.

Trotter is known for such important journalism as: “I got hold of a stolen book proposal and used it to figure out who date-raped Lena Dunham in college, then I went to the man’s elderly father’s apartment, but they wouldn’t let me past the lobby.” (this post)

Buyouts story: HERE.

ETA: I just found a story in AdWeek that says:

...an outside consulting group hired to review the company proposed cutting the budget of Fusion Media Group, which includes Gizmodo Media Group, by up to 35 percent.

In response to the buyouts announcement, the GMG Union, a local of the Writers Guild of America East, which represents Gizmodo Media Group employees, said in a statement that the unionized staffers rallied together to negotiate the budget cuts down to 15 percent.


Makes you wonder why Univision bought Gawker Media in the first place.