Gotta speed things up a little bit this week, because I am going to Japan.

My itinerary is something like this;

Wed.- flight leaves @ 11 AM, it's like ten or eleven hours long, and I'm told when we land in Japan it will be Thursday evening. Whatever. A snack of highly recommended takoyaki at the airport before a bus ride to my wife's folks' house out in the cuts down south. It looks pretty fucking sweet. There is a neighborhood weasel who comes by to hang out in the front yard occasionally. They don't speak English, and I'm too smart to blow that, so we get along great.

Fri.- Halloween in Japan with the wife's family. Supposedly Halloween is just starting to get popular there. I already volunteered to be at their mercy as far as costumes go, but I was able to snag a hockey mask the other day and I'm bringing that, along with a Raiders hoodie. How that costume works with my spectacles remains to be seen. I'm assuming I will be blindly hiding behind a bush until I'm signaled to jump out and scare the shit out of small Japanese children. I think there will be grilled meat and beer involved too. This sounds like my kind of party.

Sat.- heading up towards Tokyo/Osaka for a wedding party. I guess the lame part is already done with, this is just the party. The theme is "orange." I will be wearing a fifteen-year old Dutch soccer jersey. I know the bride and a few other people, and I'm pretty sure I get to be the lone white guy who makes everybody feel bad about speaking Japanese. I was told that alcohol will be thrust in my face at regular intervals. Fuck yeah. I am also pretty sure that at some point I will be running around with my hair down kicking things. Personally, dressing up as a soccer player and kicking shit amuses me to no end. I have no doubt that everybody else feels exactly the same way, especially when that behavior is coming from a lone white guest from the other side of the planet at an important social event.

Sun.- Raiders vs. Seahawks. I haven't had any luck finding a Japanese Raiders fan club online, and NFL games aren't on regular TV over there, but it sounds like it shouldn't be too hard to find a bar to watch the game. Watching a game with Japanese Raiders fans sounds like too much fucking fun. If that happens I will try to get pictures. I think kickoff will be early AM over there.


Despite our preseason victory over Seattle, the Raiders have no prayer on Sunday. That is your official analysis.

Mon.- guess it's a holiday of some sort over there? I don't know. I do know that we're going to a rap show at Club Stomp in Osaka. My current favorite visual artist is a Japanese dude from out this way who just happens to be on tour in Japan while we're there. Sunday and/or Monday we will undoubtedly be record shopping and drinking and eating and dicking around too.

Tue.- do I leave Tuesday or Wednesday? I don't know. I'm not too worried about it. The wife got a hotel in Osaka my last night there so at least I know I'm getting laid.


Wed., US time- get back and write about the Raiders getting killed.

Go Raiders.

Also, RIP to Mo Collins who just passed away. You will always be remembered as the guy who the Niners told everybody they were going to draft, and then we traded up to the pick ahead of them and took you instead. You're eternally welcome.