[As our scene begins, ICN notices that the cashier has rung up his organic onion as a regular onion, thus charging him about 30 cents less than normal.]

Cashier: Here's your receipt; have a good night.

ICN: Thanks—oh, wait, I think you entered that as a regular onion; it's an organic one.

Cashier: You know what? That's exactly what happened—let me grab the manager, and he'll get this straightened out at the customer service desk.

[Our scene shifts to the desk.]

Cashier: This is an organic onion, and I rang it up as a regular.

Manager: Okay, I'll take care of it. Let me see that receipt. Okay, I'll get you your refund.


ICN: Wait, why would you give me a refund? I owe you money.

Manager: No, you don't. It's our mistake. Let me get that refund.

ICN: I don't understand—I don't need money back; she charged me too little.

Manager: Don't worry about it; it's our policy. Here's your refund, and here's the onion.


ICN: Why would you give me the onion for free?

Manager: We made a mistake, and we want to make it right.

ICN: Yeah, but how is giving me a refund and a free onion making it—

Manager: It's just our policy.

ICN: Thanks?

[For the record, if the policy—which I am certain the manager is confused about—is in place to make sure that customers stay happy, mission not-accomplished: I'm still confused, and now I'm guilty about taking their money and produce. Also for the record, I only took them because I sensed that this was about to turn into the most bizarre grocery store brawl in modern history (("Look, you bastard, either you take my extra money or I'm going to kick your ass in front of your employees.")))]