So I've been at a work thing for 13 hours with almost no down time, so forgive me if everyone has already hashed out the Barney's/Macy's Shopping While Black story. This Yahoo story ends with these two paragraphs:

In 2005, Macy's paid $600,000 to settle similar allegations that many of the chain's New York stores had targeted blacks and Latinos for particular scrutiny of theft, according to the New York Attorney General's office.

Grand larceny has risen 31.6 percent over the last two years in the NYPD's Midtown North precinct, which includes Macy's flagship store in Herald Square. It is up nearly 4 percent in the Upper East Side's 19th precinct, which includes Barneys New York.

I'm being the supersensitive black person here, but that last paragraph has no analysis and nothing specifically tying it to the story, so what is it supposed to be telling us? That crime rates being up is a reason to arrest people AFTER they have made a purchase?

It feels like every time there is a profiling story, news outlets throw out police statistics as if the numbers themselves explain something.

Those crime stats are not specific to the stores being accused of profiling. Here is a description of the Midtown North precinct, which includes the Macy's flagship store, from the NYPD website:

The Precinct includes some of the most visited tourist sites, The Diamond District, St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Theatre District, Restaurant Row, Radio City Music Hall, and Rockefeller Plaza.


Off the top of my head, this includes: Victoria's Secret, JC Penny's, Strawberrys, Aeropostale, Footlocker, Forever 21, H&M, Gap, Sephora, Zara, Rockport (?), Swatch (?) just within a 3 block radius of Macy's. Are Macy's and Barney's suffering uniquely from larceny and therefore stopping more customers in general?

GAH. I'm tired and not expressing myself well. But if anyone in the comments says, "why were they buying that expensive shit?" I will rise from this Zombie couch and hunt your ass down. Worry about the racism first and the misplaced priorities of stupid kids second.