Every now and then, my brain will burp up a memory about a song or movie I enjoyed in my youth. Last night, as I was searching (searching, searching, searching, searching, searching) Netflix for a quality horror film to watch to get into the Halloween season, I remembered being scared out of my wits as a kid by a made-for-TV movie about a developmentally disabled fellow wrongfully accused of harming a young girl. He is subsequently killed, and then haunts the dudes who killed him. With the magic of my Google machine, I found it— The Dark Night of the Scarecrow on Youtube.

Needless to say, that sent me on a search for other TV and big screen horrors made in the 1970s and 80s. Youtube is a bountiful treasure trove of old movies. You will see a lot of familiar faces.

Trick or Treat

The Hitcher

Sleepaway Camp

Don't Go to Sleep

The Unseen

The Hearse


Day of the Animals

Midnight Offerings

The Babysitter

When Michael Calls

The Dark Secrets of Harvest Home