At the risk of being the umpteenth person to tell you this, do watch Nanette, Tasmanian comic Hannah Gadsby’s superlative comedy special on Netflix.
Because GMG seems to have surprisingly slept on this, I am crediting Lainey Gossip (which seriously deserves its own shout-out post for being a more fitting Gawker stand-in than anything on GMG at present) for providing the first push to watch it before the press cycle piled on its near-universal praise.

This is a genre-busting, impassioned, needful statement and assertion of self in the current comedy (and human) landscape. She is definitely a voice to be heard and the final ten minutes are a wondrous tour de force that obliterates just about any set or speech I’ve heard in recent memory.
Ironically, though she states an intention to quit comedy with this special, it clearly marks the beginning of a Hannah Gadsby riptide. Perhaps it can be her victory lap, as I want to hear more from this fierce woman.