I watched series 1 of The Fall (only 5 episodes) and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next damn season. Hurry up! I always had mixed feelings about Gillian Anderson even though I loved The X-Files, but I really liked her in this.

As I understand it, Top of the Lake is a mini-series, which means the mystery should be wrapped up by the end. It's 7 episodes, and I have one more to watch. I hope it doesn't leave me hanging. Although it too is a female-detective mystery, it is very different from The Fall in just about every way except for the sexism and other predictable barriers faced by the heroine, along with the obligatory haunted past. The beauty and isolation of small-town rural New Zealand is pretty fascinating.

Just thought I'd share. If anyone has seen TOTL, am I going to be disappointed at the end? (I'll no doubt watch it tonight.)