TW: Nightmares, and picturing me in bed...oh, wait, I shouldn’t have put that in the warning, since you just did it. If it makes you feel any better, I wasn’t naked—crap! I just did it again.

I don’t have many nightmares—in fact, while I’m sure I have dreams, I don’t usually remember them when I wake up. So that makes what happened the other day all the more weird.

So, as has been mentioned, I’m in culinary school. The way culinary classes work is that they run for nine days, six hours each, with the last day being the final, or practical, exam, where you basically show that you’ve learned how to do what you were supposed to learn (for instance, in a class on classic pastries, you might have to make samples of all or most of the things you cooked over the course of the class, in a class on pies, you might have to make two or three pies, etc.). Part of the exam is to be professionally dressed—clean and pressed chef’s uniform, etc.

The other day I had a practical, and the night before I dreamt that I showed up for my practical and realized that my coat was completely wrinkled. I didn’t know how I managed to forget to iron it, but there it was. I thought that maybe my apron would cover it up (even though they do uniform inspections without an apron), but I realized that I had also forgotten my apron—another major problem. I think I had even forgotten my knife kit. So I did the logical thing—I either fainted or decided to lay down on the ground.

At that point, I thought, “Okay, this is clearly a dream, so don’t panic.” It didn’t end right away, but I knew I was going to wake up.

And, a few seconds later, I did, just in time to see some guy—presumably a robber—walking through my room. I just had time to say, “Hey!” when he jumped into my bed, held a knife to my throat, and said that he was going to cut my throat if I moved or said another word.


At that point, I figured I was probably still dreaming, but now it was trickier—how could I know that I was dreaming, since this was a completely familiar environment and a plausible, albeit not likely, situation?

I waited about a minute, started to get up, and heard, “I told you to not move, or I was going to cut your fuckin’ throat!”

I apologized, tried to think about what I was going to do to get myself out of this, and then woke up.


The whole thing just threw me. It’s not so much having a nightmare, but having a double nightmare was just weird.

Has anyone else ever had this happen?