QS, Nilla, and I were chatting earlier about things that have come highly recommended, but are bitterly disappointing. It was in the context of poetry and literature, but let's also throw music in this mix, too.

There is the possibility that this exercise will fracture our small community to its core. Come out swinging. Be the bastard people that others think we really are.

I'll start: Jonathan Franzen:Admittedly, I've never read any of his novels, but I have read a number of his essays and only ever thought, 'Fuck this guy. Really.'

Bob Dylan: I know many of you are fond of him, and that just makes me glad that I can't hear your stereo through the internet. I grew up listening to his hobo-being-dragged-face-first-through-a-field-of-marbles voice and I never want to hear it again. Similar feelings toward Joni Mitchell. I'd wish that an anvil would land on her if it didn't mean that Big Yellow Taxi would play for-fucking-ever in remembrance.