I have pondered this question long and hard today. I really am okay with myself confessing this now. Bare with me, I already tried making amends the best I could.

When I was more than ten years younger than Iam now, I was dating a very nice girl, I ended up leaving her for a girl that was much more exotic and such. Now the girl I left her for ended up leaving me for some other dude. A couple of years passed and the girl that I left originally, I ended up dating again for like oh a year and a half off and on, that relationship ended up ending very tragically at a bar when I was like 24 when we bumped into the ex boyfriend of the girl I left my at the time current girlfriend.

I saw him across the bar, my heart jumped through my chest, as he approached my girlfriend, then after talking to her had convinced her I left her for somebody else a couple years before.

I lied, tried saying it was bullshit, but every word he said was true. Finally a couple days later she called me and said something that only somebody, I have dated would ever known.

Still, I lied. She ended up leaving me and started dating the guy, who for the second time, had stolen a girlfriend of mine.

They ended up having kids together and getting married so, I am not all mad about it.


But god, I held onto that lie like it was the truth.

How bout you clashtalk, ya ever held onto a lie? I didnt think it would be right to ask y’all for one if I didn’t tell you about one of mine.