But today I can't resist. My sweet, sweet Dude helped me out yesterday and last week by going to walk my dog when I couldn't get home at the usual time. Last week, when I got into a car accident that was totally my fault, he didn't ask if I was texting or judge or do anything like that at all. He just told me it happens to everyone and that I will be okay, then did a little research to make sure I wouldn't have to give up personal assets if the other party sues me. We then stayed up and watched a funny movie together and I felt a thousand times better. This Saturday he's taking me to go get my new car (since I walked away from the accident, I'm getting the same model).

I could not be happier or more in disbelief that I get to have someone like this in my life. I never imagined this would happen to me; I hadn't imagined a relationship could be this easy, comforting, and enlightening. Finally I have a real partner. I hope I get to keep him.