Let me tell y’all, I still can’t get over how differently I’m treated because of this. Everyone is just so pleasant and patient and willing to work with me! I really didn’t believe it could be like this. Not only that, but my ethnicity didn’t work against me concerning the doctor and actually might have helped things. Let me explain:

For those of you not aware, there was a few reports that showed how medically trained doctors still believe myths about black bodies. A big one is how many believe we have a higher tolerance of pain which is why the opioid crisis hasn’t hit our communities in the way that it has the white ones. There’s some other bullshit they believe, like we age slower, and while it’s obviously not all doctors, the fact that there was any at all gave many black people pause (and explanations.)

Anyhow, I began the search for a black doctor but there’s none out here so I searched for a doctor of color and found one: roughly my age, went to school in Chicago and is Persian. I went in today and met him and he was super nice and friendly but what won me over is that after looking over my blood results and telling me I’m “severely anemic” (sidenote: Do you know how much shit this explains? So much) he asked if I was aware of my ancestry because descendants from certain African countries sometimes have a specific type of anemia.

YAS! I showed him my Ancestry DNA results and he said to come back in next week for some more testing and then we could move forward. He also suggested that the reason my vision is fucking up and my vertigo seems weird might be because of astigmatism. I have a medical eye exam on Friday and he asked that I have them fax over the results.

This is awesome! (Right? Listen, I don’t much about the medical field so if something seems off or if you have a concern/advice, by all means, don’t be shy.) I was there for a long time but he asked me so many questions about so many things, like more than I have ever been asked by a doctor in my entire life, and I felt like my needs were being taken care of. I felt like I was being heard. He listened and responded to my answers. This felt wonderful. I didn’t go in planning on having him as my primary, I just wanted to see a doctor, so this worked out.

Anyhow, I hope that I do just have astigmatism because I can’t really do any reading and I am already a book behind. I know everyone’s eyes change as they get closer to 40 but I just turned 34. Anyone else experience this?