Has everyone seen this? I keep wanting to find a reason to say that she is reading too much into this but ... I truly think it is accurate. And the takeaway from that is horrifying. If this is true, we have basically confirmed that our president (gag) is not only financially indebted to numerous foreign powers he is likely being blackmailed by the former head of the KGB.

Why are more outlets not reporting on this? Why aren’t more Republicans upset about this? Why isn’t everyone screaming from the rooftops? Is 9:30 am too early to start drinking?


Oh look, a mysteriously dead FSB guy: http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/mystery-death-of-ex-kgb-chief-linked-to-mi6-spys-dossier-on-donald-trump/ar-AAmkp4E

Fortunately, 9:45 pm is definitely late enough to start drinking.