I noticed some new names in the post I am about to delete. Neato. If you’re new or lurking, introduce yourself and tell us what you’re up to. Even if you’re an occasional commenter or serial lurker (e.g. MadamePeaceLurk, McLurkyPants), say hi.

I’m Gideon, and I have a head cold. I can’t concentrate so I’m listening to music. This RY X song “Sweat” is great (and h/t to LittleWing), but I can’t move past the fact that he looks the very antithesis of how his music sounds.

Also, general comments or gossip are always appreciated. The new kinja nonsense is kind of confusing, but I did see a trending story on kitchenette about GREAT CUSTOMERS who should not die in fires! and can’t help but wonder if this was somehow precipitated by IHPN’s post, where some commenters noticed a theme in the kitchenette postings, which seems to have turned around. Subtle. Timely. Entirely seamless transition.

Also, that Jez NVC article on Amy Pascal was such a hideous fuck up. Shocked that it passed even the most perfunctory editorial oversight. Nice piece in NY Mag pointing out how Jez is really complicit in the things it claims to stand against.