I just want everyone to know what master negotiator I am. I negotiated an extra $5K, 5 extra PTO Days, and a higher title. ART OF THE DEAL AM I RITE??? 

Okay—so I have a question for you all. I was offered a job and the salary is good! But there are a lot of sort of non-monetary perks where I work now that make the salary seem less enticing. Like my health insurance currently is great (not expensive and a real provider) there health insurance plan seems—not so great. This place offers 15 total PTO Days (which includes sick days 🙄) and a shit ton of holidays. My current job offers 12 sick days, and when cobbled like 25 vacation days (including the week in between Christmas and New Years). There’s also no company match to the 401k 🙄

My question is, is can I try to negotiate a higher salary based on those things? Or I stand a better chance negotiating extra vacation? The job sounds good—I’d be more in control of things and I would haven’t to work with the people I work with now (although, I do like my current boss).

Last time I tried negotiating a salary it didn’t work, I took the job anyway, and then got fired a month later soooooo 🤔

Any advice?