So I am going to Worldcon next month (AKA the home of the Hugo awards). And, because I have not one but several screws loose, I decided on a whim to sign up for the Masquerade, which is a big cosplay contest. I am going as the motherfucking murdercorn, because DUH, WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO BE THE MOTHERFUCKING MURDERCORN?

But now I have to figure out a 60 second routine to do on stage in front of a buttload of people. I have never cosplayed before or been to a masquerade/cosplay contest. I have no idea what to expect. Is there anyone out there with experience in this arena who can give me tips? (Also, is there anyone going to Worldcon who wants to meet up with a blood-drenched, chainsaw-wielding unicorn?)

I assume I shall make a fool of myself, but as long as I can make people laugh while I’m doing it, I think I’m okay with the impulsive commitment I’ve just made. One of my favorite writers, Scott Lynch, will be there, and I’d love to make an insane impression on him.

(Can someone with O-deck privs share this, pretty please?)


I just bought these gloves to go with my costume, so this thing is on like motherfucking Donkey Kong.