When I was young, the only thing I liked more than horror was Disney movies. I wanted to be a Disney animator when I grew up. I taught myself how to draw every Disney character. It wasn't uncommon for the homework I turned in to have more Disney characters on it than actual homework. I wore Lion King bow-biters on my combat boots in high school. I'd forgotten about my Disney obsession until I saw Frozen for the first time last week.

I. Am. Obsessed.

Something about that movie has gotten so deep under my skin. I know it hits a majorly nostalgic sweet spot for me. I've watched it probably twenty times in the past week. I dragged my musical-hating husband to a 3D show on Monday night. I've been slowly recovering from a really bad illness so I've had lots of down time lately, which I have used to research Elsa costumes. I have never cosplayed in my life, but I want to cosplay the shit out of Frozen. Like, every day. I'm going to end up like that woman in Trekkies who wears her star fleet commander uniform to her job at Kinkos every day.