I have no children (not terribly shocking). I have no idea what it's like to be a parent (I would imagine that it's very loud and smells bad). So when stories involving "Think of the children!" come up, I have very little frame of reference except a sense of vague annoyance that children and the people who insist on having them are the reason we can't get porn on broadcast TV.

So, when stories like the 63 year-old cancer patient being turned away by Legoland come up, I suppose I should check my "non-breeder privilege." And yet. I get that there may be some logic behind the joint's no-adults-without-kids policy, but it seems like there should be some wiggle room for, say, a 63 year-old cancer patient accompanied by his adult daughter. And then this kind of thing happens. I'm honest enough with myself to say, "Hey, you don't have kids, IRN, you don't know what it's like—maybe you're in the wrong here," but I just don't see the harm in saying, "Okay, let's let you walk around/let's walk you around." Am I wrong here? If I am, help me out—actually, don't (I can't handle rejection so if I'm wrong, lie to me).