Some of you may be familiar with an ongoing column on one of Jezebel’s verticals in which an author is paid to aggregate (unpaid) commenters’ content and then insert unnecessarily bolded editor’s notes that add nothing of value.

You may also be familiar with a phenomenon that apparently happens with enough frequency on this Jezebel vertical that it has received its very own scientific-sounding “law” name: Pinkham’s Law.

As an Internet feature discussing bad customer behavior grows older, the probability of people showing up to defend said behavior approaches 1.

We have now reached a point at which the commentariat of said Jezebel vertical has grown big enough in their britches that they now maintain a Pinkham’s Law Betting Pool, because being a smug bastard just isn’t as fun if you cannot use a made up internet law to keep a hegemonic rule over commenters who have a problem with the fact that a certain author seems to pick an awful lot of stories written by racist, sexist, and classist people. Yes, I’m looking at you, “Boof Fallow Wings” (LOL AFRICANS TALK SO FUNNY!), “White-Trash Fish-Cod” (LOL PEOPLE WEARING DIRTY TANK TOPS ARE LITERALLY TRASH!), and, actually, from that same post “No Mayonnaise” (LOL HARPIES!). No, BCO commenter, never ever bring up the fact that maybe a customer doesn’t deserve to be potentially seriously burned, no matter how annoying they are, because you will just have “PINKHAM’S LAW!!!” thrown back in your face.

Don’t think you’ll ever be able to criticize. People love to talk about Pinkham’s Law.

Let me just be the one to say it: Pinkham’s Law fucking sucks.