So: This. It’s gotta be the third version of “Gawker Media’s Super-Duper Investigative Unit That Will Rip the Lid off of Various Things!” Same promises, same usual suspects—John Cook and Alex Pareene and JK Trotter, etc. What will we see this time, beyond Trotter’s every-three-month dispatch titled something like “I Saw Peter Thiel and He Was Going Into Bloomingdale’s and He Looked Like He Hated Journalism”?

Also, check out this announcement: “Please send us tips on what we should be writing about!” How about: Develop your own sources and stories and don’t sit around waiting for your readers to do your legwork?

(ETA: I wouldn’t mind learning how that whole white-guy stratum—Cook, Pareene, Trotter, Scocca, etc.—have been occupying their days since Gawker shut down.)