About 30-45 min. ago there were tornado warnings all over the DC/Baltimore area. The ABC News people got all excited when they got word that there was a tornado near Laurel. They were so excited they started stuttering and sounding anxious— obviously, tornadoes happening "live" while they are on camera and watching the weather map is not the usual thing around here. They went to a split screen of the weather map and some of the traffic cameras in the area. Needless to say, traffic was basically stopped on the Interstate, as it is almost any clear day at rush hour, but certainly when there is torrential rain. The news guy started stuttering, "And if, if you're outside in your car . . . you should get, get to an overpass, an overpass . . . ." and kind of trails off.

People of America, trying to get under an underpass is the LAST thing you should do. You should get out of your car and into a ditch and if that's not possible, stop your car and lie down to avoid your winds in case they shatter.

I "Facebooked" a couple of friends of mine who work in emergency management and let them know what the guy had said. One friend actually called the station to give them an earful.

Do you know the station DENIED he said what I plainly heard him say? THE GALL OF SOME PEOPLE. By the time she called, the warnings had pretty much passed and I think they may have broadcast some better advice, but where do they get off lying to people?