Their post on one of the young dudes from To All The Boys I Loved Before is another example of the obvious heteronormativity among the women there, like having the same hive mind attitude, only declaring crushes on conventionally attractive guys, and then the commenters posting pics of said handsome guys.

I’m straight, but I often have more crushes on actresses than actors, and I don’t like the homogeneity on Jezebel that all the women have the same straight woman crush on typically hot guys. It’s boring and unimaginative. I know it won’t happen, but I do wish they had a post talking about women crushes they have, and not just cushioning it with “I’m straight, but” (even though I know I just did that here). Or even if they talk about male crushes, don’t just pick the regular hot guys, and no, the “nerd” crushes of hot men in glasses don’t count.