I’ve been a bit down because my mom had to go and show her crazy-ass again, blowing up at me over a very innocuous request. It’s getting way too mentally and emotionally exhausting to keep dealing her shit, her narcissism and manipulation so I had to come to the decision to just be officially done. I cannot do it anymore. I do not have the mental strength and capacity to go through a blowup, again, only for her to call me a few months later and act like nothing happened. I’ve done this so much and I’m just fucking tired of it because I’m an adult. We’re supposed to learn and grow in life. She’s made it clear that she’s not doing that.
It just sucks because our relationship was going in the right direction and I thought we could finally have typical mother/daughter relationship.

Anyhow, I’m not looking for sympathy (promise!) I’m just talking since a lot of you know the difficulties I’ve had with her in the past. I’m not angry, or sad or upset, just disappointed that she keeps showing me who she really is and I, finally, have to believe her. I am strongly thinking about seeing a therapist to make sure that my mind is right and clear from her manipulation so that I can be my best self moving forward. Has anyone had any experience with TalkSpace?