First, Kinja blows. It's all glitchy on my iPhone and my iPad ... Makes it almost impossible to read and respond to comments. So my apologies for appearing to disappear. Blame it on Kinja.

Also, I switched companies 8 months ago and my workload is bigger. And my internet work access is not amenable to CL. :/ When I'm home, I'm fighting a losing battle with Mystic Boy over my laptop. Because Instagram. And Ovoo. And a GF he NEEDS to stay in touch with 24/7 while she spends her summer vacation in Buffalo.

Anyway. I'm on vacation this week. I've been on my hammock all day thinking about doing laundry and making dinner. I have at least 2 more hours of procrastinating ahead of me before I get up.

In the meantime, here are some pics. A Week In The Life of Mystic, sort of.