So a little while ago, for reasons that I can't quite understand, I thought of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which is still one of my favorite movies. One thing that's always bothered me is this—the knight at the end of the movie had spent, what, 800 years hanging out in the room with the phony grails? Even if he and his brothers had spent several hundred years making the booby-trapped grail cave by themselves, with no outside help, that still leaves about 500 years of just sitting around, reading his illuminated Bible, and...what, exactly? What did he do? What did he eat?

I once posed this to a colleague, who thought for a second and said, "He probably did a lot of masturbating."

Which, sure, probably (that might explain why he can't hold the sword when he tries to attack Indy), but he must have had something else to do.

It's a ridiculously minor thing to worry about, since he's on screen for all of ten minutes in the movie, but every time I watch it, that's the first thing I think of as soon as it's over. That and, "Wait, does he have to rebuild the whole thing now? And if the Grail fell into, like, the center of the earth, does that mean he's doing to die because Indy didn't spend two more seconds trying to rescue it? And why didn't he try using the whip?"

So, my question to you, fellow CTers—what seemingly irrelevant plot points drive you to distraction in movies you otherwise enjoy?


ETA: Bonus points if you know where the cloaks line comes from.