I don’t know how long it’s been or if you guys even remember met but I finally get a chance to read and people are leaving and BB seems to have taken over.

I got probably the worst job I’ve ever had - doing inventory for a firm for a nominal fee. It’s hard, sweaty and rather unsatisfying (the hours/days are all over the place) but at least there’s a check every week. Being a SAHM doesn’t qualify you to do shit in the real world. So it’s cashiering or I’m going to have to learn how to do spread sheets and Power Point. Ewwww.

Got rid of cable. Have internet (or the children would literally die!), Netflix and Amazon Prime etc. Haven’t really missed it except we find we stare mesmerized by tv at restaurants etc. Nah, we’re not brainwashed or anything. :)

I’ve missed hearing stories about real life and how the writers suck. Good to be back. :)